Who is Adam Levine?

Meet one of the world's great guitar educators.
  • Guitar Director, Grove School of Music
  • Studio Musician
  • Toured with Major Labels
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Adam Levine Musicianship and Leadsheets for Singers Course
Adam Levine
Opening for Pat Metheney Tribute Concert

When Dick Grove, world renown music educator, composer and founder of the legendary Grove School of Music, asked me if I would like to become the school’s guitar program director and design a one-year, fulltime guitar program he said to me,

“I don’t want it to be good, I want it to be revolutionary.”

The one-year curriculum included core classes designed to train a student to become a studio level-touring musician, and every class was taught by an expert L.A. studio level instructor who was a specialist in what they taught.

Throughout the year special guests like Steve Lukather, Robben Ford, Scott Henderson and many others would present clinics.

This was my life for thirteen years and it warms my heart that so many Grove students and teachers went on to have successful careers with some of the biggest names in the music industry.


Human Nation Band
Adam & Danny Weis (Bette Midler) & Kenny Lee Lewis (Steve Miller Band)


A few years ago, I began envisioning the possibility of creating an online music community that would provide aspiring musicians with a comprehensive learning experience. At Adam Loves Guitar, I've crafted a platform offering meticulously designed classes, courses, seminars, videos, and special guest sessions, all aimed at guiding and mentoring students through their musical journey.

My teaching philosophy at Adam Loves Guitar is rooted in methodical instruction that's both knowledgeable and accessible, with a strong emphasis on the fundamental elements of music: Rhythm, Melody, and Harmony, and their interplay.

Through dedication and persistence, I believe anyone can progress from a beginner to an intermediate level, and ultimately, to performing at a professional standard, whether as a solo artist, part of a group, or leading their own band.

My signature courses are tailored to accommodate individuals at every stage of their musical development. Additionally, I collaborate with handpicked online teachers, ensuring that each recommended resource meets my criteria for quality and relevance.

While learning to play songs is important, my focus extends beyond mere performance; I strive to deepen students' understanding of how musical elements harmonize and can be applied to their instruments.

Despite the virtual nature of our platform, I provide inspiring play-along audio tracks to enrich practice sessions, making them both enjoyable and challenging.

Join me at Adam Loves Guitar for a musical journey that's as fulfilling as it is transformative.

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